Friday, February 25, 2005

am glad.. i am REALLY GLAD!!


i am really glad god helped me with my report..
am starving, nervous, and shaking that moment..
i got no visual aids.. no anything..
just my stupid partner beside this poor girl..
imagine.. i reported about nazi???!!
errr... it was sooo hard.. but i did it!!
and it was a big relief..

Friday, February 18, 2005

god.. it was just too hard..

it's hard to let him go for he's totally cute but..
YOU'RE _ _ _!!

well enough of that..
you're not worth my time..

hope i will be able to do my report on history..
which is killing me..


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

what the?! i love this day... *lol*

me and 3 of my friends did not join the recollection on which we should have gone with...
so for the sake of our "religion" subject in school... we did come.. but not with our batch mates rather we did join the batch before us..
the sophomores or the second year highschool students..
yeah yeah.. boredom is what you think i felt but naaahhh..
it's excitement... hahahaha...
we had a very good facilitator.. he's a good speaker.. and if i do remember his name right.. he is.. kuya noel?! am hope am not commiting a mistake.. hehe..
i've learned a lot from him.. like.. hhmmm..
hhmmm... i forgot it already?!
hahaha.. nonsense student right?!
now here's the touching part..
we have gone to the canteen to have our morning snacks.. our fist break..
we talked to the cook at the canteen.. it goes like..
"ate, pwede bang i-pa reserve kami dito?"
we laughed coz all we did was a joke..
she said.. "o sige.. kayo bah yung mga third year?"
we answered.. "opo.. kami poh yung mga pasaway.. hahaha..."
we laughed.. at that time we are kinda hungry and we've been wanting to eat something..
we asked ate again.. "ate,, ano ulam mamaya?"
she replied.. "sinigang tsaka shang hai.. "
"aahhh.. basta ate yung reservation namin hah.. hahaha.." we jokingly answered..

after the first break,, we had a new facilitator.. my fave.. haha..
he is kuya anton.. he looks like jolibee.. haha..
am not kidding.. he looks like michael v. with a jolibee body..
*i hope he will not read this.. he'll kill me.. :D*

he suddenly told us.. "sino yung mga third year dito?!"
we raised our hands and said.. "sir kami!!!"
"aahhh.. kayo pala yung mga pasaway hah.." sir jokingly said..
haha.. we laughed.. he gave us a paper..
which we should answer.. and he told us to stay outside..

haha.. it's the moment i loved..

4 of us stayed at the "kubo"..
we talked about anything under the sun..
love.. relationships.. problems on our families..

on somewhat reason.. i did not cry..
i chose no to..
for i wanna give them the advice they need..
am the miss goody at our group!!
haha,, am lying!!


after the long hours of bonding,,
our teacher called us for it's time for lunch!!!

okay.. eating time again!!

we are all surprised!!

there is one table at the canteen.. containing 4 chairs.. for each of us!!
and there's a bond paper in there saying,,


waaahhh!!! touching,, i felt love for the canteen staffs...


they are all sooo nice.. i did not bother to get their names for in my heart...
they will always stay..


the people we did encounter in that place...



Sunday, February 13, 2005

gush.. why do i need him like this?!

can i ask?!

why do i need this guy soo bad?!
well,, it's our promenade last night..
it's a heck of a night..
everything was fine..
he asked me if i could dance with him..
i said ofcourse..
i thought my long awaited spark for us will be there but..
nothing sparked..
it's just..


but as always..
my petty smile was there..
am thinking..
am too superficial to think he'll be inlove with..
an unpleasant looking girl like me..
but i think..
am just hoping for nothing..
well that's love anyway..
fighting for an unattainable goal..
and not expecting anything in return..
you will just give..
and give..
and give..

then all you'll get is..

i thought love can be my..
yeah,, yeah..
am just dreaming..
and right now..
EQUILIBRIUM is what am searching...
if i will find it with him..
it'll be the most intrinsic part of my life...

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Habang ako'y nagiisip ng isusulat sa munting papel na ito..
Sa tulong ng tintang ito..

Kausapin moh muna ako mahal koh...
Kahit sa isip lamang..
Nang sa gayo'y maibsan..
Ang inip na aking nadarama..

Lumalagalag sa isip koh...
Ikaw ay kalawakan at ako'y isa lamang bituin..

Ikaw ay aking sinasamba..
Ngunit ako'y inyong minamaliit..

Sawa na ang pusong ito sa mga alipusta ng mga taong walang konsiderasyon...

Kaya luha ang laging kasama nang,,
Mga akda kong sa iba'y walang kwenta..

Ngunit dahil sa iyo at sa mukha mong mala-anghel...
Ako'y naliwanagan nah ng husto...
Ang mga luhang noon ay lumabas sa aking matang mulat...


Friday, February 04, 2005


Habang ako'y naglalakad sa kalyeng ito,,
Isa lamang ang nadarama at iniisip koh...
Bakit kaya ang sitwasyon natin ay ganito?
Kaibigan kita,, at maaring hangang doon lang tayo...

Habang aking binabagtas ang lugar na ito...
Lumulubog ang katawan koh sa kalawakan...
Para akong pagong na may hinahabol na kung ano..
Di makatakbo sa bigat ng pinapasan...

Habang iniiisip ko na magkaibigan tayo..
Tumutulo ang mga luhang ito..
Nagtataka bakit ganito lang ang ating kapalaran...
Mahal kita ngunit ayaw kong ito'y iyong malaman..

Habang lahat ito'y lumilipad sa aking isip...
At sinusulat ang matagal kong pagkainip..
Hinihiling ko lang na sana sa susunod na panahon...
Maging isa tayo at mabigyan ng pagkakataon...