Monday, November 29, 2004

mah first bloggiee..

ei guys!!! this will be mah first bloggie.. (got influenced by someone.. lol* ).. my day was tiring,, for i've gone to the mall.. and shop till i dropped!!! am happy.. i felt like a bratty lil' girl again.. i spent lots of money (at least for today..) nnaahh..

ive spent all my money earlier.. and i dont have enough for tomorrow.. what do you think?! for a 15 year old girl.. am i too extravagant in spending mah money?! :P

if you wanna know more bout me,, read this one:
Am Karen Mae S. San Andres,, 15 years old.. born and raised by mah wonderful parents.. (whom i love soo much..) i have two brothers..both of them are good.. like me ofcourse!!! since i was a kid, i've always dreamt of having a guy beside me,, the one who will accept who i really am.. for now,, i haven't experienced any kind of intimate relationship.. i think am too young for that.. besides.. i have so many celeb crushes who sometimes i tend to get obsessed with.. and .. i get successful.. (often times i think?!) oohh well.. i'll keep this one short..

to my soulmate: i know someday i'll meet you.. but i hope.. it'll be soon.. lol

to mah kewl friends: keep chillin'.. am always here for all of you!!!