Monday, December 10, 2012


 This outfit was taken a few weeks back when i felt soo sluggish,
i didnt even bother to put any make up on!
With minimal accessories, (just a watch actually)
 and my heels on, 
I was good to go..
Dont you have days like this whe
you just want to walk around without 
giving a fuss about how you look

Anyway guys, i am putting 3 pictures at most because my storage
space is almost full. Also, im deleting some old entries to make
way for new ones. 

My poetry, stories, and random things are always available for your perusal, im just minimizing clutter around here.

Thanks guys, hope you'll still enjoy this blog! 

 Celine Bag
Forever 21 heels
Thrifted Polka Cardi
ASOS Jumpsuit