Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Five murders and one victim (CRIMINAL MINDS INSPIRED)


            A red dress, an empty champagne bottle, underwear of a man and a woman, a tie and a coat all lying on the floor. While one can hear the shower in the nearby bathroom, no one could hear the relentless screech of a dying man quiescent in his own pool of blood. If one could see the situation this man was in, they wouldn’t dare to think that a sane person could’ve done such a thing. His penis and scrotum were all carefully removed and thrown in the trash like some piece of toy. He lied there, emasculated and removed of his high strata. After finishing her shower, the woman slit the man’s throat, sealing his fate. She then put on another red dress, put back her laptop in her bag, put on some make up, perfume and stilettos then left him there.
            She turned on the T.V., “Oh good, my favorite show is up!” While fixing herself some eggs and bacon for breakfast, the news anchor not from the show she was watching suddenly went on to deliver what seemed to be a very urgent news: “Another man was castrated and murdered after the reports of a swift four high profile victims in just 14 days.  All the police could divulge at this moment is that the culprit is a prostitute who preys on men of high societal standing. She had killed two lawyers, one prosecutor and the other was the D.A of the state while the other three victims including this recently discovered body were doctors. The.. ” She decided to switch the channel so as not to hear more of the horrific headline. “That is so horrendous! How can a person kill so many people of high standing in such a gruesome manner?” She contemplated on that thought while eating breakfast when she saw the clock that screams 8:45 am. She then realized that she should get dressed for work or else, a series of bawling will slap her face again at work. Amelia is a tedious researcher working for an advertising firm. She has a lot of friends in the company and is basically loved by everybody. She is of average built, around 5’4 in height, blue eyes, almost a Cameron Diaz if not for the strawberry blonde hair. She is 26 years of age and is one of the most promising ladies in her field. She goes out with Stacey if time permits her to. Sometimes, one might wonder how the two hit it off. Amelia was the kind of out there, party-all-night, go with the flow girl while Stacey was the timid and reserved one. They get along really well after they met at Stanford where they both got their degree on literature. Amelia was a junior student back then while Stacey was a freshman. Amelia got all the attention from the hot guys while Stacey stood as a wallflower amongst the crowd. They’ve been friends for almost 5 years now. Stacey was the typical dorky-nerdy girl, about the same height and eye color as Amelia but she has a brown, straight hair and yes, she always wear those big glasses resembling the 80’s.
            No wonder in those 5 years Amelia had numerous boyfriends, flings, and everything else while Stacey had none. But Stacey seemed fine with it until Stacey found out something tremendously odd about Amelia, that is, she knew all the heavily media frenzied murdered victims. Stacey found this out through Amelia’s laptop where she stored provocative pictures of the dead men while she was in an erotic costume. She also found a red dress, stilettos and very sharp scalpel resembling the ones that the surgical doctors use. It’s wrapped in a dainty handkerchief with dried blood in it.
 “OH MY GOD! AMELIA IS THE WHORE WHO KILLED ALL THOSE MEN! Should I tell the police?” Stacey contemplated, still in shock.
            “Before I tell the police what I know, I’ll investigate first. If I confirm that Amelia was the one who killed all those people, then I’ll let everyone know it was her. She was the bitch who intrepidly killed those men. What I really want to know is the reason behind her doing this.” Stacey thought.
            A researcher herself, Stacey started to use the means to get the truth. She called witnesses, read articles, visited the previous crime scenes, asked around.
One witness divulged such promising information regarding the suspect. “I saw a lady in a red dress about 5’4 in height, blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, maybe around 25-30 years old. She seemed perky and even smiled at me. I didn’t know she’s a freak.” The bellboy revealed. Stacey continued to research information regarding the murder spree. All of the physical descriptions fit Amelia’s physique perfectly. The victim is a 5’4, blue eyes, strawberry blonde haired woman.
            A week after Stacey’s investigation, Amelia left a note saying that she will be back in a couple of weeks. “This is the perfect timing to report to the police what I know. It’s sad that Amelia can do such thing to these men. I know she is my very best friend. But she did something bad and I need to correct what she did.”
            Stacey decided to go to the police that night. “I didn’t do anything. I swear. The murderer was Amelia. I interviewed people and she fits the profile perfectly. Why aren’t you looking for her?” Stacey continued to argue with the police but she was already handcuffed and sent to prison. 
            After a few months, Stacey’s dad visited her in the penitentiary. “Dad, its been 6 months, were they able to find Amelia?” her eyes started to swell up and tears are about to fall. “Sweetie, Amelia will never be found. Unless you tell the police where she is. She killed you uncle bob Amelia. Please let the police know where she is.” Her dad replied. “Oh my god dad! What are you saying? I can’t look at you right now. Just leave! Please leave!” Her dad left a hysterical Stacey.
            Stacey has been in confinement for almost six months. She did not know that that day was her final day to see, hear, and share her feelings to the world.
            “How are you stacey? How are you feeling today?” Dr. Morgan said. “I feel fine doctor. What is this about? Why do I need to talk to you?” Stacey replied. “I’m afraid you have a condition called Dissociative Identity Disorder. You and Amelia are inside one body. Now, can you tell me where Amelia is?” the doctor explained. “What? What the hell are you saying? Amelia is just my friend! She was the one who killed all those men!” Stacey bluntly stated. “All right. Just calm down please. I am here to help you. Let’s start when you and Amelia met. How did you guys met?” The doctor asked. “Promise me you would not tell my dad this. Please don’t tell him.” Stacey pleaded. “No problem Stacey, just calm down and tell me what happened.” Said Dr. Morgan. “I was in my freshmen year of college when I decided to surprise my dad at our house. You probably know my mom is already dead, so my dad and I are really close. That day, my dad was not around the house. He had a trauma case in the hospital but my uncle bob was there. He just finished reconstructing a femoral bone, I don’t remember the details but he was sleeping inside dad’s bedroom. I didn’t know it was uncle bob so I kissed the man on the cheek and gave him a tight hug. But he seemed to have taken it to the extreme. I noticed when I was younger, he always gives me the glances with so much malice but I always disregard it. He’s my uncle. I did not think he will be able to one day do such awful things to me. He raped me in that bedroom with all his might and until now, I wasn’t able to tell my dad what happened. I want to kill that son of a bitch right then and there but he was my father’s brother. I cannot do it to him.” Stacey continued to state the gruesome details. “I just don’t know why he can do such thing to me. He is a doctor for Christ sake! He should be the one who save lives not ruin! I hate him. I hate him so much I want to kill him right now!” Stacey stayed silent for a couple of seconds. She then circled her eyes while staring at Doctor Morgan. “Amelia here. You want to here from me right?”
Doctor morgan contained her enthusiasm. She was able to awake Amelia’s persona again. This was the right time to ask her what happened with all those men. She said: “Oh hi Amelia, we’ve been expecting you. Can you tell me more of the incident Stacey was sharing earlier?” Amelia replied: “Of course, doctor. Here it goes: I killed all those alpha men to take revenge of what had happened to Amelia. I mean, I was older than her. I’m stronger in that sense. When I talked to her, she could just think of killing uncle bob so I did it for her. I’m her protector. She needs me. I killed all those men too because they just want to take advantage of me and stacey. They got what they deserved.” Doctor morgan replied: “Alright amelia, I need Stacey now, can you bring her back?” Amelia replied with a smirk. “You have been waiting for me to come out doctor. Now you want Stacey?” Doctor morgan replied: “I just want to give Stacey the life that she deserves. After all, that is her body.” Amelia laughed an incredulous yet deceitful cackle: “Well I guess you have to wait for a very long time to hear her voice again..” The doctor stared at Amelia at that moment, puzzled, if she will ever hear from Stacey again.