Friday, December 17, 2004

funny day... i got out of school.. am too lazy.. :D

it's our intramurals this week.. i got a heck of things to do but still i go to school.. but,,,

a friend asked me if we can go and cut classes.. at first i hesitate to do so but then after some boring hours i decided to go with them.. *lol...

i had an idea.. i asked my friend to say to the guard that we will play badminton.. but here's what i did..

when we got out of the gate.. my friend told me.. "sige nah.. di naman nakatingin yung guard ehh.. mauna kana.." so i did what they said...

and i got home... 5 hours before the allowed time..

and this day was a fun one!!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

ive made this poems just for you!! wooaahh..


Would you mind if I would ask?
Ask the things you and I lack…
Love is all that we had..
But why do things turned up so bad?!

I once renounce my love for you..
But this is the things you put me through..
I smiled at you and said, “Are you okay?”
But you glanced at me like I should pay..

All I wanna do is care for you day by day..
But you made me feel like I’ve been dumped in a hundred hay..
The situation is like this: I love you, You love her..
I hated you but you don’t care..

Damn, I love you but if you’ll continue..
Loving her, I think nothing will push through..
I’ll just wish you will realize a thing..
You can never do back, what love did bring..


You know what?! I want myself to meet..
This guy that I’ve been longing, I’ve been longing to greet..
Maybe he’ll see in me a geek..
But I hope he’ll not find me a freak..

He’s with this glasses, it’ll be lovely to see him..
I always see him before on t.v with his team..
He’s so cool, he looks nice..
You won’t believe it, he’ll give you a spice!

I longed for him this past few months..
I hoped to see him or just even talk to him..
But, a sudden change struck me..
When I met a friend, who gave me info’s about him…

I’m glad that eventhough I haven’t seen him…
He do not ignore this message I’ve sent..
Wwooaahhh.. am still a fan of this nice lad..
And I think this idolization will never fade..

Friday, December 03, 2004

darn!! its raining hard today..


it's raining continously today.. for there is a storm that will hit our country later..
oohh.. i hope everything in here will be fine.. eventhough am scared...

yesterday was a twaddle day!! i hate it when smb loses... and they did lose.. waaaahhh... an awful day for me...

thank god... they are in the top five..

i saw mah crush yesterday!! eventhough he can't or will notice me.. am glad that i know he is there.. in just a glance...

if i just can wish he'll be mine.. i will..