Sunday, February 13, 2005

gush.. why do i need him like this?!

can i ask?!

why do i need this guy soo bad?!
well,, it's our promenade last night..
it's a heck of a night..
everything was fine..
he asked me if i could dance with him..
i said ofcourse..
i thought my long awaited spark for us will be there but..
nothing sparked..
it's just..


but as always..
my petty smile was there..
am thinking..
am too superficial to think he'll be inlove with..
an unpleasant looking girl like me..
but i think..
am just hoping for nothing..
well that's love anyway..
fighting for an unattainable goal..
and not expecting anything in return..
you will just give..
and give..
and give..

then all you'll get is..

i thought love can be my..
yeah,, yeah..
am just dreaming..
and right now..
EQUILIBRIUM is what am searching...
if i will find it with him..
it'll be the most intrinsic part of my life...

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