Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Alis volat propiis..

Before graduating from college, Marion and I decided to get tattoos of special meaning to us. But we never pushed through; I was afraid it will hinder something in med school then. Excuses, excuses.

Now that I am almost 24 (in a couple of weeks), Just last July 4th, I decided to do something that will liberate me, literally.

I've considered myself as a very independent woman. I've been living independently since I was 19 and the support and love I get from my family and the people around me is essentially why I am who I am.

I stumbled across this latin quote 'Alis volat propiis' just last 2011 and then on, I have decided that this is the perfect quote that captures my life and the in betweens.

"She flies with her own wings" is its direct translation in english. I feel like this encapsulates my life and it's 3 forms: the past, present and future.

A bird like every living creature starts as a fragile being; weak, vulnerable, helpless.

Then in its proper time, the flightless little bird slowly molds itself to what its destiny is; to fly with its own wing.

As it soars high, it learns that life is full of up's and downs, but it never breakaway from its calling to sail through life; tearing hindrances apart.

This tattoo is a tribute to my (almost) 24 years of falling, standing up and breathing in between life's gracious moments and uplifting extremes;

It is with great pleasure that I will keep this in me forever.

thank you thank you Miah from Sin City Tattoo Studio in Katipunan for this great work! You know where to go and get your tattoos now, loves!


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