Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sooner than Laters, Baby..

with a coffee in my hand,

i would like to check up on you guys!!

how r yaaa!! i havent blogged for so long, and at this moment,

im deeply entrenched on the fifty shades' books (for about a week already)

and im 200 pages away from finishing the last one!! yayyyy!!

im trying to blog here on my ipad through the app blogsy and

let's see how it goes..

so for the last month (?) that i have not talked here,

i have managed to

1. celebrate my birthday, and yes, im 23 now!! ;)

2. catch up with my cousin camille from vancouver (and the whole caringal family)!!

who knew she'll look sooo lady-like & grow sooo in love with one direction?!!

i hear ya sister!!
3. attend a wedding (c/o camille and fam)

4. watch kina grannis in concert and bond with my lovely cousins!!.

(kina was amazing, btw..)

5. sincerely considered channing tatum for christian grey..

like i said, my first pick will be channing and a very close second will be matt bomer.. ;)

hope to blog normally again soon! for now,


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