Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Negativity on a positive note

Pessimism has always been the shadow 
behind our backs waving back and forth,
singing melancholic tunes tempting to
 catch our attentions.

Sometimes it comes with faces, literally.
 It may be people who walk in your life:
unabashed, unapologetic, and unsympathetic. 
Those who do not give a damn about
any word you say or don't really 
give a shit on what you may offer.

I'm in my early 20's and I have loved pessimism
 since the day i was born.
It is a state where in it's much easier to get a
 hold of things, grasp the idealism that 
where you are is not merely your fault and jeopardy about
your miserable life is a position you couldn't comprehend.

I totally agree. 
We've been fed by society that what we were born
with is something beyond our control and
 sometimes, even if we try, we still fall flat.

Bottom line: We are all afraid to fail.

But if you go as far as examining yourself, 
what did that first failure left you?

During college, when that algebra professor you hated so much
and wanted to kill badly gave you a failing mark,  
did it shatter you to pieces?

Your parents shaped you to be like them but you
chose to take on a different path. Your brothers and sisters,
earn more than you do and are more successful than
you are, does that make you the bad seed of the family?

Or that first love letter that took months and 
a lot or courage to make;
wherein you poured every single feeling you 
can possibly write down,
and he said he just wanted to be friends with you. 
 Did it make you vow not to fall in love again?

Pessimism never really muttered 
anything purposively.
Imagination is better than knowledge.
And we know pessimism. 
We breathe pessimism.

What if for once, we try to fight it?
What if we try to ward it off with
 good thoughts and happy memories?
What if we bury pessimism away knowing 
that something good is always
waiting in every heart wrenching,
 soul ruining, ego destructing circumstance?
What if we dare to look forward to life's
 good grace every damn morning?
What if we say thank you just once?

I say do it. 
Stare failure directly in the face then smack it with a bat. 
You can only do so much in so many different ways.
If you did your best, let it go. 
Let the universe conspire into giving you things 
you've never dared to dream. 

In the process, smile with all your intestines. 
 And know that they are there 
to keep your GUT in place. :)

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