Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wall Flower

Hola guys!!
 Its been a long time since i uploaded anything. 
Sorry, have been busy fixing and reviewing things for graduate school.

Today, my friend juney and I decided
to watch 21 Jump street starring
our baby love Channing Tatum.

Im telling you guys this movie is sooo crazy!
I needed to watch something so hilarious
to take my mind off of things! 

Anyway, Everything about Grad School turned out great (but i have another exam coming up *_*) so here’s to celebrating with friends!

(Excuse the quality of the pics, I just used my
iPhone to take these.. :D )
Outfit for today

Mom's vintage pants 
from the 80's (Gorgeous right?)
Zara corset top
ASOS cardigan
Balenciaga City bag
Cocobelle Clogs
Forever21 Accessories


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