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 10. Everyone says I Love You


One of the less popular Woody Allen films, Everyone says I love you is full of scenes that are “almost in the clouds” with all the singing around New York parks and dancing in Paris; it mirrors how people do utterly crazy things and what it looks like when they fall in love. The film never forgot to remind the viewers that behind a family with a perfect façade, life is crappy most of the time yet still, it’s up to us how we’ll make it work in the end. Everyone says I love you is never wary of putting sudden “glee-like moments” every now and then. I love that scene when woody allen seduced Julia Roberts in every way possible. Of course, she left her husband and lived with him in Paris. But eventually, like spoiled kids could swear on this: She got bored getting everything in a snap. And left him to go back to her husband. Funny right? The juxtaposition of the situations and characters are just well put plus those story lines, perfecto!  I remember watching it end and said: “This is such a WEIRD film!”and laughing myself off afterwards. Plus the fact that Drew Barrymore and Ed Norton sings beautiful lines of love about each other, didn’t hurt either. Seriously, watching this film will certainly make the songs here your LSS

9. The painted veil

Another film starring Ed Norton, it gives us a glimpse of love LITERALLY in the time of CHOLERA and catastrophe. I don’t know about you but I’ve always been told that if the guy loves the girl more, the relationship is always bound to be successful. I saw that in this film. Ed Norton’s character fell madly in love (at first sight) with Naomi Watts. Remember in the early 1900’s, marriages are almost always fixed and that’s what’s evident here. The guy is madly in love with the girl, asked her to marry him and promised the world will revolve around her. The girl obviously not head over heels for him met her ideal guy in the form of another married man, had an affair, got caught, asked him to leave his wife for her and ultimately, got both of their hearts: her husband and her’s shattered into pieces. As an ultimatum, Ed Norton asked her to accompany him to china where an outbreak of cholera exists and a bacteriologist like him is badly needed. If she will not come with him, he will divorce him on the grounds of her sleeping with another man. In china, where death is eminent and their love is slowly fading, will they be able to rekindle a romance that was never there? A twist of fate and feelings made sure the audiences will fall deep into how great their love is even if sometimes, it sinks in a little late.

8. One day

I was in a Bookstore earlier and saw this David Nicholl’s book with a line reading: “20 years, 2 people.” I remember when I first heard of this novel way back and saw it in film almost a year ago, the premise had always made me wonder. Friends then lovers? Lovers then friends? Which comes before the other? It has always been a puzzle, these two. I just love how this film takes us to the journey where every relationship, whether friendship or love starts, connection. Emma and Dexter met and almost had an intimate relationship that night of their graduation which happens to coincide with St. Swithin's Day on July 15th, yet somehow being best friends seemed more fit. From then on, year after year on that same specific date they are virtually present in each other’s lives whether they are physically far from each other. Years passed and they’ve been in relationships, Dex is married with a kid, Emma is engaged with another man yet somehow that CONNECTION never grew pert. That same connection will lead them to a life full of highs and lows and each circumstance will make you wonder if being together is in the cards for these two.  And it brings a better question in mind: does friendship and romance promise a happy ever after?  

7. Beginners

If you remember, I made a movie review about beginners just in time for the Oscars because I am just in love with this movie! Beginners emphasized the two faces of love which matters most: Love for a parent and Love for someone you can spend the rest of your life with. Like what I said in my review before, the film lets the audience take a peek on what one experiences when a parent is on the verge of demise &; never lets us forget that LOVE, whether with a man or a woman, or man with a man ultimately has the same face, a face of utter bliss. I just love that this movie did not talk of a conventional love; it featured acceptance and authenticity even when life is at its hardest. 

6. The Truth about Love

I’ve seen this movie for ages and only now did I appreciate the premise it talks of: A love so near yet so far. If I speak about how this premise became obvious in the film, you would not need to see it because it’s the whole story, really. But I loved the fact that the movie is so subtlety optimistic stating the obvious that even if your get your heart smashed into pieces by one person, you’ll never really know what can happen next or who are you really meant to be with. And the underlying statement really is, If he is such an asshole to you, why do you need to stay? Another thing, I just love seeing Jennifer Love Hewitt with a British accent (Remember, If Only?). 

5. A Single Man

Colin Firth & Matthew Goode kissing? That alone made this movie a must watch for me. Set in the 1960’s the film shows us how a man lived his last day on earth since he decided that in a few hours, he will commit suicide. A little existentialist yet still lovely, I love loved the play of colors; it made me think that since it is his last day on earth, He saw everything more beautifully & alive; every color, form, and people seemed more vivid. Flawless cinematography, really. I put this here because I am a fan of stories that crosses the usual girl-boy dynamic. Such relationships never fail to warm my heart because it is LOVE. Love captured in a genuine form. The movie examines his life as a professor; how hard it is for him since his partner for 16 years died in an accident, his family not wanting him to attend his funeral, and how hard it is to be gay back in the 60’s which drove him to the route of loneliness. Through the course of his last day, little by little, hope is kicking in. The question is will he get his wish to be reunited with his true love through taking his own life? 

4. Once

“How often do you find the right person?” was this films catchy line written in the poster. Before i get to that, I just want to say that this film never seizes to amaze me. It lets us taste the reality of how life is for a struggling artist to catch people's attention in the streets & the stories behind each person who sings that genuinely. And back to that, How often do we find the right person? Brought together by their love for music, two people find themselves captivated by each other's life experiences and backed up by chemistry. These two seemed to be a perfect fit. But she is married.
What shall he do? Full of passionate hymns and beautiful melodies,
once is a definite jewel waiting to be discovered.

And I challenge you to not fall in love with the song "FALLING SLOWLY", seriously. I DARE YOU.

3. Everybody’s Fine

Personally, I believe there is no greater love than what our parents give us. They saw us growing up with our little tantrums to being a rebellious teen full of snide comments and angst. I remember seeing this film when I was living on my own a couple of years back and was just sobbing nonstop when it ended. The movie talks of how it is for a parent who has grown children to have that connection and communication like it was when they were kids. It shows the depth of being a parent, accepting your kid for who they are behind all the façades they would like you to see and still loving them for exactly the way they are.

2. Like Crazy 

I am sooo in love with this movie! Let me just state that. 
Like Crazy is a film that shows us how hard and real it is to have a long distance relationship THAT WORKS and how it is when it does not work. The gorgeous irony of the movie, the reality of having the government against you if you violated the terms of your visa or how challenging it is to be separated from the one you love and how grueling it is to feel that longing inside you because you're worlds apart. It made me wonder,  
does distance really matter when it comes to love? 
This movie talks of young love, distance, and longing as its number 1 antagonist. And eventually, does love really conquer all? After years of being separated, will the flame of love still breathe fire?
Or will it fizzle out?

1. Paris, Je T'aime

Now this really is the ultimate film that reflect love in all forms. 
18 spots in Paris (Arrondissements of Paris) brought about 18 various stories of love consisting almost all of the possible premise of love I talked about in the 9 movies above and some more.
 If you haven't seen this film yet, i suggest you grind your teeth unto this movie as soon as possible. One of the stories of love might probably in the offing for you.

 The part that i love here is Le Marais (The fourth story) and almost all of them essentially!

The story in Le Marais showed us a brief encounter of 2 people, one of which spoke in beautiful french of how he believed that the two of them are destined to meet and that he is his soul mate. He gave him his phone number and left the shop. The only problem is, the other guy knows only a little french
and did not understand what the other guy is talking about. But at the end of the scene, he ran down the street leaving everything up in the air. 

As you all know, I am a movie fanatic so I really hope you guys enjoyed this list that I made. If you haven't seen any of these yet, be sure to catch them soon and I hope you hearts 
will feel the warmth.. :)

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