Sunday, April 08, 2012

To Lola Ligaya

This holy week was a sad one because 
one of mom's closest friend (which mom
considers her second mom & us our pseudo grandma) 
passed away at the age of 73 from complications
during her Cholecystectomy(Gallstones removal)
which resulted to multiple organ failure. 

Since I can remember, Lola Ligaya
was one tough woman;
She had 5 kids who are all successful in their own rights,
 She was so direct to the point to tell me and my brother
to lose weight since we were kids, 
she cooked & lived by herself since her husband died
 & beneath all that is a genuinely compassionate
grand mother who sew most of my shorts when I
was at my FATTEST state during grade school.

 I remember last Holy Wednesday
when she was still lucid (hours before the surgery), 
her daughter told my mom that she really 
considered us to be one of her apos (grandchildren)
and of course, she talked to me wherein 
she reminded me again to lose weight 
and snag a boyfriend soon.. haha:).

She asked us if we know people who had the
surgery before. We knew a couple
who survived the seemingly routine procedure,
and assured her that she will turn out fine.
That's the last conversation we had
with Lola Ligaya.  

I wrote this blog in behalf of my family
as an owe of heartfelt
gratitude and sincere fondness of 
a life lived which such vigor
and generosity that ascertains her
place up there in heaven. 

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