Friday, January 13, 2012

The longest day ever!

Yesterday, January 12, 2012 at exactly 1:30 am,
I decided to come with my dad & yaku to
line up for an NBI clearance. 

The two are required to get theirs asap.
I actually dont need any but i really wanted to 
experience what its like to wait in line for what
it seems like forever (like what anyone says).

I decided to not sleep since i came in at around 
11 pm from dinner with friends. 
We ate dinner breakfast at around 2 am and arrived
to line up at the NBI satellite office in 
Robinsons Metro East at exactly 3 am.
At that hour, this is what the line looked like.

The line started outside the entrance of the mall 
but the last person before us was already seated right
at the steps of the foot bridge beside another
mall (sta lucia east grand mall).

These pictures are just a glimpse of how many those
people were. Mind you this was not even half. 
Like what my kuya and I thought of,
its like were lining up for a rock concert.

So we waited and waited for what felt like eternity 
and at 5 am we were slowly counted & allowed to go
inside the mall. And of course we walked 500 plights of stairs
before we got to the parking lot were we camped then again. 
I didnt take a picture of the people lined up in the parking lot 
because i might invade their privacy and put pun unto the 
system in general plus my dad, kuya and I were
extremely occupied with our conversations.

Talks about the countries and historical sites they've been to,
Europe, Transylvania, Physics, My love for 
Ed Norton and the story behind the bourne series. 

We watched the sky turned from dusk to dawn
which was a remarkable
moment for a nocturnal-wake-up-in-the afternoon
person like me so i took a picture of it.

Then at 8 am, the line started to move and people were given
their numbers. The first batch were the first half (first 250) 
and luckily, we were 255, 256, 257 and were
asked to come back at 1 pm. We then walked the 500 plights 
of stairs back, went home at 9:30 am and slept till 11:30 am.

I felt like I cannot go anymore. I havent slept for a day
but I went with it. So i think as a reward, 
we got to the place again, 
after a few minutes or so got 
my NBI clearance. 

My question there is: 
When will the system get better?
Must we Filipinos go through this process yearly?

But this was the first time I saw discipline in such
government process. I saw people patiently
waiting and respecting the other person ahead 
of them. Maybe it was because people knew
how hard it was to get in line, sacrifice sleep
and we were all in the same pace.
It doesnt matter if you are rich or poor,
there is only one smelly 
bathroom and if plan to pee, deal with the smell.
There is the dirty pavement
in the parking lot you can sit in,
 if you dont want to,
no one cares.

Its nice to see the face of equality
and know that it still exists in this 
side of the globe.

In a lighter note, i took this picture before we
left the house.

OUTFIT for the DAY

Sweater Dress: Topshop
Tights: Sm dept store
Shoes: Confetti (of course,
glitterified and personalized) 

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