Friday, January 06, 2012

HP 11/20/09

He contained bittersweet rumination of my own peal of infatuation
One lame excuse to utter another holy peruse

6 am.

The bells rang, this trice has sprung

His round hazel eyes started thumping with bliss
when it saw the semblance of what seemed to be
the girl that he wanted to kiss

He truncated the distance by moving close
She felt poignancy but her wall was stoic and cussed
The story felt short
it somehow grew pert
Sometime spring, it flickered back
Like fireworks sitting in the sky
Like bubbles bursting to fly

They were almost at the same stride
and inevitably everything felt right

Yet, the gods fell off the sky
and both of them asked why

However, they didn't further the tread
They let it t slip while envisaging its end

6 am.
She's still confused

Was it right to not let her feeling peruse?
was it wrong to not let him choose?

(WRITTEN  11/20/09- 9:57 pm)

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