Monday, January 02, 2012

Haze (3/14/07)

This moment kills me
I can’t believe this peculiar thing is occurring
Your subtle lips to mine
Your gentle breath
That soft hush
Two sets of shining eyes interlocked by fate

This typecast moment for lovers is 
what I’ve been looking forward to 
for what seemed like infinity.

The sumptuous taste of your look
The irony of beauty and loneliness on those arms
This fatuous feeling of tenderness and affection
gradually coming out of our souls

The peal sound of silence
Perfectly hugs the dim moonlight
The dance of the wind
The excellent touch of the night
seems to capture this momentary bliss

It was a fathom fact
That love is ours
And no one can dictate the sway of our hearts
And then suddenly, everything flashed.

It was grey then, and now black.
And it end up transforming into white.

The moment was over
It died.

Tears fell back
Reality sank 
Something in the sky collide
Shining stars smite 
Then the cold breeze rustled a lost kiss 
And turned its head back to where it ceased.

(WROTE THIS  IN 3/14/07, I WAS 16 THEN)

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