Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Imagine this scenario:
Your mom and dad had been married for forever.
Mom battled cancer & lost.
Your 75 year-old dad told you not soon after
that he is in fact gay and is now ready to live openly.
A few months later, dad learned that he had cancer. 
How will you then BEGIN to live a life so foreign
from what you once had?

Beginners, a story of genuine love beneath the covers,
examines how happiness truly begins once we decide to
embrace who we are, and that hope is never lost nor too late.

Narrating 2003, Oliver (Ewan McGregor) reminisces the experiences he had with his father during his illness, his childhood
& the wisdom he had learned over the years about love and commitment. 

The film lets the audience take a peek on what one experiences when a loved one is on the verge of demise & never lets us forget that LOVE, whether with a man or a woman, or man with a man ultimately has the same face, a face of utter bliss. 

A beautiful, witty, funny and genuine story about life, death and starting over. Beginners lets us fall deep into each character and never falters to make us wonder if it is ever really too late to deviate on what society dictates us to be. 

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