Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dear Celebrity,

Hello. I am certain that you have no idea of who I am.
I am Ka, a graduate of Miriam College wherein I took up
BS Psychology and  just this year studied Medicine at
San Beda College-Mendiola for a semester.
It might be weird reading this sort of open letter
but I have been having dreams
lately about how I will help you dress up
and help you achieve the look you totally deserve. 

This is not a criticism, nor me wanting to be known.
I don't want to be a celebrity, I just want to be a stylist.
Pardon me if i say this but i am not a fan. I don't
follow news about your life or even care to watch you on TV
but for about 2 weeks now, Ive been dreading that you kept
appearing in my dreams. It started late November when you
suddenly poof into my sleep and the story is,
you are wearing a matching purple dress, belt and shoes.
And in that instance, you looked ridiculous and I asked
you if you wanted to hire me as your stylist.
But its a dream and anything goes right?

But it has been sequential. Its too consecutive to ignore.
I don't know why. So I felt compelled to write this
immediately after my last dream where in I picked out things
for you to wear. I haven't heard any of your songs or anything
but i think i saw one movie. You being the granddaughter 
of a woman who fell in love with a man from a different era.
I remembered then, i was back in high school,
you still have a curly hair and wore clothes that seemed
to look too old for your age.
I loved the cameo necklace though.

I am offering my help.
I don't need any credit or even acknowledgement AT ALL.
I might come off boastful or weird but I gotta do this.
I'm not saying I am always perfectly dressed but I totally try.
I help people around me pick clothes, shoes, bags,
accessories, name it.
I do it for free.
And so I am extending my self, absolutely no payments
I will help you choose a style that will enhance the beauty
you already have. Hell if i was pretty as you,
I will grab every single
possibility to look good and be looked up to!
As a psychology graduate, we were always told that there is
always a meaning behind every dream.
I seriously don't know what it is for me
but I hope you will sincerely consider this:
I want people to stop scrutinizing you and regard you
forever as the second best dressed.
I want them to see you as a star featured
in high fashion spreads, 
photographed as the best dressed in galas and
not look like you try too hard.
As of what i see in your style, you like simple &
effortless looks. I wouldn't change that if you hire me.
I would play around with whatever 
it is that would make you feel and of course look good.
I know I wont disappoint you dear. Just think about it, okay? :)


sheila said...

and that would be K?!! :)

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