Monday, December 08, 2008


A SPACE THAT CREATES by Karen Mae San Andres

"For sale: Ipod nano 4 gig for 6k."

"Poodle Pups for 8k"

"Wayfarers for 250 pesos"

Text me at 09171234567

These advertisements are commonly found in a board adjacent to the Miriam College clinic

and beside the door fronting the cafeteria. "Freedom Board" as what students, alumnas,

and professors refer to it. It is a space where in anyone could bring up their sentiments

about a certain political topic to advertisements, rants and raves about a certain product,

situation or a global phenomenon, name it, the freedom board contains it. At a certain point

of view, this board could be one obvious evidence that miriam students are assertive and 

liberated in expressing themselves. Topics about PGMA resigning or ERAP breaking loose

with the governments power, news that only your oh-so-serious-bussiness-looking-people 

over a coffee shop discusses, MC students DO TALK ABOUT IT TOO. The freedom board 

opens a new gate of responsiveness and enthusiasm that makes people glance back,

even if they are in a hurry. It communicates the timid side of a geek, unspoken proses 

of the shy and the seriousness of a kikay. It allows its readers and "freedom writers" to

contemplate, laugh, and discover new boundaries they could drool their eyes over or put

their hands onto. 

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