Wednesday, July 23, 2008


In Katipunan, Quezon City, you will find Miriam College.

The institution is a competitive training ground for both your skills and your psychic powers.

In different locations inside the campus, apparitions of souls have been witnessed. A girl experienced fright when she saw a demon that sprung from the toilet bowl while she was washing her hands in the grade 2 comfort room. Her prayers had not cast the creature away.

The caritas building homes a nun that threats girls in the ladies room. This nun peaks in the cubicle while the girls use the bathroom. However, no one saw the feet of the nun on the floor.

An alumnus of the college remembered her scary experienced which froze her feet and caused her to scream out of dread. She was in grade 3 when a spirit scratched her ankle while she was dancing the 99 steps. She went to her peers in the corridor in tears, telling her friends to cover their name tags. They should never shout out their name unless their class starts.

There was a car which crashed a student before. This student was believed to be the ghost that shows up every time there is an occasion in the school.


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