Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Leaving: verb

1. to go out of or away from you, F.U.C.K you!
2. to depart from permanently *i wish I DAMN COULD!*
3. to stop; cease; give up *which i can't still do until this moment, but..*

—Synonyms 1, 2. abandon, forsake, desert; relinquish. 9. forbear, renounce. 10. ignore, forget. 11. bequeath, will; devise, transmit.

it was like a forsaken truth, to know that your eyes

could never look deeply into mine.

it relinquished every hope that my

fragile soul could ever endure.

today, is the day your mother gave birth to a
child who became the resaon i am hurting so

bad right now.

it was a factual- lucid dream to have experience a

fictional relationship with your hugs and kisses.

too bad.

your translucent ability to make every girl melt

suddenly clicked in front of me.

obscurity suddenly kills this dim madness.

you suddenly fell out of love.

during those times that i felt deeply crushed in your being.

i suddenly felt weak, restless, numb.

i instantly felt the need to have you back.

at once, a capricious notion that you

will be gone directly enlightens me.

and i still felt deprived of what you really meant
with those times you told me "YOU MEAN THE WORLD TO ME"

fuck you.
why do you always have to screw everything up?

can you just look on what fancy stupid words you've left me?

in a whim, you bequeath everything we've shared.

but i still have no choice.

but to LEAVE everything behind.

LEAVE everything that's unleft.

LEAVE everything that's undone.

LEAVE the idea of YOU AND ME or ME AND YOU.

what is left is.

AGONY inside my very soul.

and your

REKINDLING SMILE that resurfaces

each tear that falls down from this eyes.

and underneath it all.




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