Wednesday, September 06, 2006

*imago's noon concert was a blast.. but heck.. stupid mates from mc made me mad..*

gawd, that show started at 9! wooah..
ang early no?
haha.. i didnt got there that hour i arrived at 10 am..
anyway, to cut the story short, imago was there na but kuya tim is late..
so, they were waiting for him at mc's caf..
and we took advantage to get some photos of us with them..
(take note: raimund marasigan was there too..)
hahaha.. yeah! zach took the pic.. :D

anyway.. i was soo fucking mad to some of my classmates at mc!
their like there to make me mad..
we'll see.. im'a talk to one of 'em..

tl.. <3 karen..

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