Saturday, September 02, 2006

*' ayy nako.. ewan ko ba.. '*

*' ayy nako.. ewan ko ba.. insecurity issues.. '*

bakit nga ba puro rant ako about life?
di ko din alam eh.,..
siguro dahil sa insecurity issues ko..
since i was a kid kasi, i had this stuff na..
soo, insecurity was just a good stuff for me..
coz i am not the time na, namimintas ng imperfections..
for i know where i stand in this world..
i may not have the prettiest face and sexiest body in this side of the universe..

but i am secure about this thing..
i am not one of those social climbers either a fucking pretender..
i am who i am born with..
i know what i want..
i do what i want..
if you dont like what i appear..
go ahead.. DIE!

and just a thought..
as i said, i am not perfect, i have alot of imperfections all over..
but would you believe? (even i cant!)
some people hate me for who i am..
they hate how i show what i have..

parang, pucha, ang gaganda nio na nga..
ang chaka ko na nga tapos insecure pa kayo saken?
tokwa kau!
lmao, but this talkshit is true..

shet, ang swerte ko naman ang malas mo naman!!
hahaha.. KISS MY ASS!

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