Tuesday, July 04, 2006

*'nervewracking interview for chi-rho yesterday....*

it was my first time..
everything was new..
my gosh.. i think i looked stupid..
i was like running out of words..

ahuhuhuhu... i dunno..

just a week ago, i made a column for chi rho,
it's like the audition for the 'hottest' publication in mc..

i edited that stuff alot,, and i dunno, am doubting if it is good enough
for them..

their all nice (the people whom interviewed me..)
am just quite sad on how i left a mark on them..

am playing stupid on words, you think am worth it?

i dunno, i am uncertain.. there are so many of them who applies for the same position..
(reviews editor)
and i, i still dunno, i am one of those..

i prayed for this, i told God, if its not for me, so may be it..

i will still aim high and reach my goals, uncertain of what may happen, but sure enough, i will fall humbled and experienced...


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