Thursday, July 13, 2006

*...smirnoff.. san miguel strong ice... smirnoff.. ice... tipsy..*

i drank some bottles.. and yeah.. am tipsy at the moment..
sleeping in a jeep felt like sleeping for 10 years..
it felt damn good...

drinking has been a habit.. am not an alcoholic but i am a drinker..
i drink to forget past pains.. i drink when i am feeling down..

i drink when i admit it myself that i am a looser..


speaking of this.. those bitches are my blockmates..
i hate them..
they look like hippopotamus and a witch.,,, wahahaha,,..

in case they are not aware,, i think i also made fun of them..
not only that,, hahahaha.. they should've read this,,,

for you too.. i am not a hater,, i am a DAMN HATER..
you made a reason for me to hate you..

aww.. sucker.. loosers.. a hippo and a witch for best friends..

congrats!! hahaha..

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