Sunday, February 19, 2006

*got to see a fortune teller..*

and yeah.. ellaine and me did..
but that's not just the fun that happened
this past 2 days..

ill tell you about a story..

last friday,, ellaine, nhad, and me..
we decided to cut classes..
not go to school..
to finish some stupid projects..

uhh soo.. they seek from some help
through illa and oyeen, but they have their
classes so ellaine and nhad got this idea..

'that we should go and see a movie..'
and of course am ready for that!!
hhmmm... they've decided to go to
blue wave mall at marquinton..
while i was at home taking a bath,
theyve just called me to tell me
to go there..

and the rest was fun stories..

we get to see this movie..
i never liked anyone in the movie,,
but i did LOVED the STORY!

i think those stories could happen to us,
real people..
like, i will always love you..
flows and cons are the same, but the story
is different.. they differ,, in their own ways..

and i will tackle about that on my next post,..

that story happened last friday..

and here's what happened to me and ellaine
we got to recto to buy some projects,,
it's a secret.. hahaha..

and while riding the lrt, we both decided to
take a talk to a manghuhula or fortune teller that is..

it was very fun.. haha,, i got the chance to talk to her first..
first thing she said was "lagi ka bang naawa sa sarili mo?"
and in the back of my head, i was like "shocks! how did she knew?"
i was smiling back at her, she said "wag ganun, wag mong i
bi-bring down ang sarili mo.."
so i thought, "ohh okay, anyone can guess that right?"

here what shocked me.. "malas naman ng lablayp mo, una bigo, pangalawa, bigo, pangatlo, bigo pa rin.."
and i thought, "hahahaha, this is getting surreal nah ah!"

last thing,, "di dito ang swerte mo, di ka dito magkakaasawa, sa abroad.."
"foreigner ang mapapangasawa mo.. and di ka na mahihirapan, mayaman na siya ehh.."

i was like: "oh my! surreal na talaga! hahaha, i cant believe this anymore!"

pero i think.. a part of me believes her.. know why?
she said this: "wag kang manunumpa, kasi malakas kang manumpa,, you have this psychic ability, di mo lang alam kung pano i control.. "

and probably she has a point on that..

-sleepy! karen :D

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