Sunday, August 21, 2005

**A story.. with an exciting twist..**

They'd known each other since their school days and had since become the
best of friends. They shared everything and anything and spent lots of
time together in and after school. But the friendship never developed
into anything deeper.
Diane kept a secret: her admiration and love for Jack. She had her
reasons for keeping it a secret. FEAR. Fear of rejection... fear that he
might not feel the same... fear that he might not want to be her best
friend anymore... fear of losing someone that she could always find
comfort in. At least if she kept her feelings to herself she would still
be able to spend time with him... and hopefully, he would be the one to
tell her how he felt towards her.
Time passed, and soon school was over.
Jack and Diane went separate ways. Jack continued his studies overseas,
while Diane got herself a job. They still kept in touch though... penned
letters, sent each other photographs, and mailed each other gifts. Diane
longed for Jack to be back.
She decided that she would tell him her feelings once he got back.
And then out of the blue... the mails from Jack stopped coming. Diane
wrote to him, but there was never a reply. Where was he? What happened?
Lots of questions ran through her mind...
Two years passed and Diane was still hopeful that Jack would come
back... or at least send her a note. And then her prayers were answered.
One mid-August day, she received a note from Jack. It said:

Diane, I have a surprise for you. I'm flying over. Meet me at the
My flight comes in at 4pm on Saturday. I can't wait to see you again!
There's something I need to tell you, something I've been keeping inside
all this time.
Love & Kisses,

Diane's fingers shook as she read the note. Her heart soared.
Diane was thrilled. Love and kisses... it meant a lot for a lady who had
waited so long for t hose words. She was ecstatic!

The day arrived, and Diane waited anxiously for Jack. She had slipped
into her best dress, and did her best to look as pretty as she could.
She looked around... but Jack was nowhere in sight. She waited and
waited, wondering what she would say to Jack when he got there, what
their meeting would be like. Would there be love in his eyes? Would
there be longing, bred from years of separation and hiding each others'

Oh, how she longed to see him! How she longed to throw her arms around
him and tell him she was a fool to ever let him go without ever telling
him how she felt! And she was certain Jack felt it too. There was always
a certain magic about them when they were together.

Then a lady in a sexy, tight, blue dress approached her. She had a very
concerned look on her face, "Hi! I'm Lynn, a friend of Jack.
Are you Diane?" she asked. Diane just nodded her head.

"I'm afraid I... I have bad news for you. Jack is not coming... he won't
be coming back anymore," said the lady, placing a hand on Diane's
Diane shook her head in confusion. She felt her heart constrict.

What could possibly have happened? Diane felt an overwhelming fear
inside her. Her hands turned cold. Her voice shook as she asked:
"Where... where's Jack? What happened to him? Please tell me..."

Diane begged the lady...

The lady looked intently at Diane... and then she gave Diane a nudge on
the shoulder and said...


Kawawang Diane, hindi lang nawasak ang puso... inapak-apakan pa ng
lintik na Jack, este Lynn na pala!

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