Saturday, August 20, 2005

**HAVING MY MOM AND DAD IS THE GREATEST THING.. having this short talk with my mom tonight,, means a lot!***

my dad and my lil' bro was not around..

as usual.. my mom and i were talking about anything... secrets.. shopping.. hahaha..

we are planning to go shopping tomorrow.. as our spare time for ourselves...

i believe.. my mom was one of God's greatest gift for our family, as well as my dad and

all my relatives...

God and life was been good with our family.. he does not leave our side..

He is always there to guide, & help our family.. that's why i do <3 God..

going back to the topic..
my mom and i were talking about stuffs and it hit her serious side..

i will not divulge on those stuffs anymore but then.. i believe my mom is one of the
kindest person here on our planet...

*thank God i have all of the persons in my life...

--until here..


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