Saturday, July 16, 2005

*** Movie/Coffee date with my kuya, his wife, and my lil' bro... ***

uhhh.. it was a darn happy day.. lol..

i came out of school for about 5 pm.. and yeah..
my kuya's been waiting for me and my bro for about an hour so he took a nap while waiting for us.. lol..

after we changed our uniforms to our gimik attire..
we flew in the car..

we did go to robinson's.. ate first at KFC..

bought some tickets..
watched FANTASTIC FOUR!!!!!!!!! Free Image Hosting at

what a great movie.. i believe it'll go well if you will bring the whole family with you to watch it..

great plots and twists.. yeah.. i loved it.. specially Johny Storm/ THE HUMAN TORCH.. which was played by Chris Evans.. (TOO HOT!!!!!!!!)
Free Image Hosting at

well.. after enjoying the movie..

we went to starbucks for some coffee break..

i ordered a strawberries and cream blended coffee.. which tastes ohh so nice.. and a bavarian doughnut.. i really like Starbucks' ambiance and choice of sounds.. very relaxing for the dead hour like 12 am..

i was like too sleepy but after i tasted their coffee.. it's like something..

anyway.. i am also sleepy right now.. and i will attend my UPCAT reviews tomorrow..
at 8 am.. anyways.. good night!!!!!!


-karen.. :)

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