Thursday, June 02, 2005

.:.:*I realized The Essence of the Word Me...*.:.:.:

Karen Mae S. San Andres

A big girl with a medium sized brain..
A simple, naïve, bad kind of girl..
Glasses and a man’s round eyes makes her heart melt..
Loving her seems to be hard.. but no, it’s not..

She’s just this average girl waiting for his prince to come riding down his horse..
Funny right??!
Better wake her up..
Coz she’s been dreaming way up long..
And maybe she cant get out of it..

15 years of average life..
Sometimes happy,, Sometimes lonely..
Most of the time crappy..

Uhhh… If life is too hard
Why do I want it to be fulfilled??!


Even if am not your pretty,, nice,, smart,, confident,, funny kind of kid..
Even though they’ll humiliate me and stuffs..

I know GOD is watching ‘em..
And I will let God guide them… (or punish them?!)

Sometimes I think..
Why do I try to fit those so called “perfect” qualities?!?

Maybe am seeking for social attention..
New friends,, acquaintances.. uhhh…

This time.. Am glad I have all that I need in my life right now..

Good Friends.. (the one that chose you coz you are you.. and not choose you coz your perfect or anything.. )
A loving family..
An average state of living…
And most of all…

The confidence that am seeking for.. for 15 long years..
Is somehow…
Some how getting near me..

So… Am hoping that before this journey ends..

I will find it and fulfill the destiny that God chose for this girl to take..

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