Tuesday, May 10, 2005

how does it feel to be?

how does it feel?
to be different from me..

this is a one liner which hits me..
so i decided to take time and write this poem,,..

i am small and the world is big..
everything in here is fast moving..
but your still with her wandering..
and now your leaving me here,, CRYING...

simple, stylish, masculine is what you are..
you kicked my ass, broke my heart..
you did not even felt any remorse on what you've done..

this caused me to cry rivulets of tears..
i forgot all the happiness.. made everything blurr..
so now.. you felt guilty..
that's weird, maybe you're just empty..

am a loser, your always the winner..
am nothing, you are everything..
but now..
you're in love with me..
am sorry..

all i can say is..

"REVENGE IS SWEET, darlin'!!"

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