Monday, May 16, 2005

Dear Bloggie..

I wrote this journal a few days after my bigger bro's wedding..

Write now it is 5:25 in the afternoon.. the sun was about to set.. everything is boring.. it felt like a dead day..

but may 14 was a different, very unique day..
because.. it will be the first time.. someone dear to my heart will be married.. and they it felt like God has made this day... just for the two of 'em.. my kuya andie and ate reggie..

I can still remember..

the days that my kuya and i were still small..
i was always having my tantrums..
he's always bothered coz my mom is preggy then and am soo naughty that even my mom cant with hold my kakulitan..

those memories are still fresh.. and the times that we will cook after my mom gave birth to my now 10 years old bro.. coz my dad was not here and is working abroad..

well anyway.. back to the wedding..

my kuya and i slept for like 12 am.. coz we waited for some deliveries to came to our house..

after then.. we slept..
and to my surprise..
my mom woke us up for like 5 am in the mornin'!!!!

but i guess the sacrifice is worth it.. :D

after everything that we did.. at 12 pm.. we took our make up..
we made sure our gowns are ready..
we became fairies..

and the wedding was good.. everything was a dream..
it felt like am on a fantasy..
i almost cried..

can you believe?? my mom said ive been grinning all the time.. hahahaha..

why not?? am soo soo happy for my kuya..

(part 2 later...)

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