Wednesday, May 18, 2005

dear bloggie (epidode II)...

grinning.. yeah.. they said i was..

err.. the story again..
before we all manage to eat..
the wedding planner decided to do something stupid..

ahhmmmpp.. because it was a program for like throwing the bouquet..
as usual.. the story is..

the one who will catch the bouquet will be the next to walk down the aisle.. i mean.. REALLY??!!

and i thought.. well okay.. its just a game.. nothing to loose..

but then.. they made the game like stupidly,,.. without realization i guess..

why again??

they made it look like trip to jerusalem or pass the balloon.. a very childish, naive stuff..
(err.. does it mean am a lady??! lol*)

well anyway.. just askin'.. isnt it obvious??

am the one who catched it.. yeah.. am so embarassed..

that's why am telling that the program is stupid.. err anyway..

besides that.. everything was fine.. and everything was happy..

and as well as i am.. the rest they say is history.. :D


Karen.. :)

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