Monday, April 25, 2005

hhmmm.. nothing new.. i bought some new stuffs at the mall..

hey!! i bought new stuffs.. to satisfy my craving for new goodies..
ohh well..
i bought a new pair of shoes..
a pearl bracelet..
a new earring..
some pairs of shirts..

but still..
i dunno..
my kuya's wedding is getting near..

and it hurts me to let him go..

for he makes me feel am really his lil' sis..

and he gets all that i want..
he makes me feel that am not alone in this world..

well.. he's the nicest guy for me!!!

he's my kuya.. and no one could change that!!!

i hope all the best for him and his future wife..

may all of us be happy forever..

ciao! :)

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