Wednesday, April 20, 2005

hello.. am back..

"dont look no further.. baby am back,, yeah!!"

hi!! am not been able to tell stories with you guys this past days.. i've been busy in my work outs.. belly dancin', tae-bo, and some working out videos.. which makes me sweat..

it's really tiring.. pero.. am not losing a single ounce.. *cries*

well.. some people do notice that am losing "SOME" only some wait..
but i do not notice a single difference with mah wait before..
even harder because i do stop eating rice..
and stop eating meat..
i really miss eating 'em all!!
my gosh..

am so sad and depress right now..
because i miss them..
just kiddin'!

kidding aside..

i hope i can continue this stupid thing that am doing..
and eventually.. loose some weight.. and grow taller..

*wish me luck!!*
*keep your fingers crossed for me..*

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