Thursday, March 10, 2005

this day is a bit of both emotions.. happiness and loneliness..

it was the last day of our classes..
i thought i will be a bit happy but not purely sad..
but sudden sea of emotions came when my fave teacher in history sunk in..

he is smiling mostly.. but..
when he said those words which made me realize something..
i was not sure why tears feel in my small eyes..
but it did hurt me.. for..

it'll be the last time i will see mr. pedreña..
and that made me.. cry..

because he gave me grades i do not deserve..
but still those grades gave me esteem..

eventhough his subject was the hardest (if not..)

still.. i did my best and he appreciates my effort..

and because of that sir pedreña..


you made my highschool life complete..

i hope we will be able to reminisce memories together..

i did not mean anything hah..

i just do love you for you are so kind and gentle..

it was my lil' brother's b-day..

it was quite fun,, happy..

it'll be our finals tomorrow!!

waaaahhhh!!! chemistry,, filipino,, and religion!!!

wish me luck guys!!

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