Monday, March 21, 2005

i remembered my dream.. the dream which made me cry three years ago,,,

i remember my dream..

it was our summer vacation and i had this dream which was embarked in my soul..

i was exactly coming out of my body..

then a close friend suddenly came and invited me to go to his newly born cousin.. the little boy's name is piolo.. i told the boy "hi" and "bye"..

then my friend suddenly disappeared..

the next scene was i am in this totally white room.. a huge huge door suddenly came before my eyes and it suddenly opened and a big hand came out of the door and said..

"pasok na, anak"

i can still remember his angelic deep voice.. i came in and saw a beautiful garden.. with white complexioned childrens in there.. suddenly i came back to my own mind ang thought..

"where am i?"

then.. i suddenly came out of my dream.. cried and prayed.. told the lord am not ready yet,, am not ready to crossover and i have so many things to do.. god was good and until now am still alive..

because of that experience..


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