Saturday, March 26, 2005

i just saw my ideal man.. again.. he made my heart stop for awhile.. but i realized.. that man is..

i realized that guy is only a dream.. a dream that will never see my future..


he is plain, perfect..

he has the looks, the talent, and the brain..

ohh man.. he simply stunning..

the way he dress, his fashion sense..

would make any girl feel the intense..

well anyway,, another thing is..

he has his beautiful girl already..

and it's impossible for me to have him..

coz if you will compare the qualities of the girl

with mine.. naaahhh.. you cant compare nothing..

am not pretty, am difident of myself..

nobody's proud of me..

am just nothing..

while his girl..

was just everything..

but still..

am praying that one day..

i will find a man..

like him..

--Karen Mae :)

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