Friday, March 11, 2005

heck of a day... exams on my way..

god.. it was hard..

i am an hour late for our exams..
and the first test is..



it was darn 2 hours of braintwisting..
storm kicking formulas...

and poooff..

i can faint any minute.. haha..

the next one would be filipino..

it was quite hard.. it was about noli me tangere..

i thought we will be able to eat our lunch and have break..

but one of my stupid classmates whislted vulgarly..

our rabbit teacher went mad and she did not let us take our lunch..


then we had our test in religion...

the class is dismissed..

ive done my cheating..

my brain started rolling and looking for some luscious food...

me and dyan finally realized that there is some resto outside our school..

we ate at chowking..

and until now..

my stomach is full,...

wish me luck for tomorrow!!!


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