Sunday, January 23, 2005

why do fate bring me this tears?!!

dunno why fate wanted me to be this way.. i know God gave evreyone it's purpose in life.. and maybe that purpose for me was still blurred.. i cant see anything.. am also deaf on how life sounded soo good.. soo good i cant hear what it is saying..

being inlove would be one of my regrets in life.. especially.. being inlove to an impossible prospect..

someone asked me.. are you ready to meet the love of your life?!

how darn this predicament was for my head.. especially my heart..

have you ever been inlove?!

or maybe you're just confused..

life is full of changes.. being pragmatic is not at all good..

be deep and know how to enjoy life..

but how can i?!

am i suppose to enjoy life?!

i believe God made me a girl full of dreams..

so that i can share my dreams with others..

but above that..

am useless..

fool,, stupid..

a dog for love..

a cat for stupidity..

being myself is good..

and hard at the same time..

i know ive been here before..

and it made me think i cant love anymore..

but you can never tell..

what fate will bring..

how destiny can change your lives..

now, let me leave you this question...

do you believe that heart is telling the right thing?!

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