Tuesday, January 25, 2005

please don't call me anymore.. it may bring back this tears ive cried.. those crazy days i died..

if i can be that girl..

that one you loved..

even though it's just a trip..

it felt like am a whip..

darling.. you just don't know..

everytime i see you you always give me a blow..

it's one thing i thought about..

for him life just a lout..

okay,, okay.. ill stop this rhyming thing..

boy,, i dont know if this feeling is right..

should i feel this way..

god.. love gives me so much pressure..

but to you pleasure is just a treasure..

at first you had a relationship with this girl..

you know,, just a trip...

but i dunno.. am not feeling anything by then..

but now.. am wishing am that girl...

so that even if it's just short..

you're mine..

i dont wanna let you know bout this thing am feelin..

for ifever you will know..

it will be seldom to talk to you again..

my baby..

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