Monday, April 06, 2015

First kiss at 25

June 27, 2014
3:54 AM
There’s nothing particularly wrong with her life. Her parents have been married for 38 years already and they have always been happy. She knew how much her dad loves her mom even during the times they spent worlds apart. “You must find a guy who loves you more than you love him.” Her mom had always told Kate this. “It is more fulfilling to see a relationship wherein the guy loves the girl more. It just lasts for years and years. And if you don’t love him at the beginning, you’ll learn how to- eventually. Just look for a guy who looks like you like maybe, you’re magic.”
For Kate, those words haunted her for 25 years. Sure, she wasn’t the prettiest but she knows how to stand out and work herself in a crowd. She has always been voted most popular or best dressed wherever and to her, even if she fluctuates from a size 10, 12 or 14 (when croughnuts are just too damn irresistible), even if she doesn’t have the perfect skin, tits or hair; having that charisma is just innate equating her aura, no questions asked.

“Are guys from New Zealand good kissers?”

“I don’t know, you wanna try?”
Kate smiled and the Kiwi invaded her mouth like there’s no tomorrow.

He was tall- with kind green eyes. He had brown hair, full on beard and a welcoming smile. He sounds and looks like Gerard Butler for some reason (Maybe this was the alcohol speaking?) but of course, a lot drunker, louder and friendlier.
He gave his name after he kissed Kate. They laughed for a second and Mr. Kiwi asked:

“Was it good, baby?”
And she answered and shrugged

“It was okay.”
For a split second, she didn’t know what was happening until he felt his tongue down her throat. He held her face and kissed her with so much passion- proving that guys from New Zealand do kiss good. The kisses following these were unaccounted for. The dancing continued and he was giving Kate, Ching and Jim unlimited drinks him talking about why he was here in Asia and basically, blabbering words that Kate didn’t comprehend. Everyone was having a good time and he excused himself so he can get them more drinks. “When I get back, I’ll get your email address” Mr. Kiwi said as he left for the bar with a full on smile on his face.

“This is the moment.”

“Ching, Jim- LET’S GO! Come on before Gerard Butler comes back.”

They were as quiet as a breeze when they head silently for the door, all three of them- no questions asked.

To tell you frankly, that Kiwi was the first guy she ever laid her lips and tongue on. That was Kate’s first kiss. She was turning 25 in 3 months- its 2014 and no one knew she was still a virgin.

Was it wrong for her to have waited this long?

Was it wrong for her to share a monumental chapter in her life to a stranger?

Kate is still not sure.

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